Getting married in Fuerteventura

You are a sea lover and you are dreaming about a Beach wedding ?

You would like to walk barefoot on the white and soft sand and express your love and devotion to each other with a lukewarm summer breeze of the Atlantic sea, in a blue lagoon surround of volcanoes…
Only one island is able to offer you these special and stunning beaches and still many other wonderful and mysterious places for your dreamed wedding!
Let your dream come true !

What is possible? What kind of wishes my team and I can realize for you? Just have a look to our services. Get informed and inspired about our work and services !
Just say "YES!" to Esprit Weddings.


About me

Is there anything more beautiful than helping a loving couple plan their greatest day? Best of all on this wonderful island called Fuerteventura ?

My name is Lénaïc Beau and I love this island wholeheartedly. Sharing this love and making other people happy are two of my biggest inspirations.
Working as a wedding planner I am able to combine these two perfectly!
Loving pairs approach me, not wanting anything more devoutly than experience their important and unique moment at a beach along the sea side.
My emotional attachment to Fuerteventura, and especially the ocean gives me the possibilities to make a couples' big day unforgettable.
I am here to help you experience a memorable and romantic wedding on our lovely island, fulfilling my dream of conveying and spreading the Islands beauty and atmosphere.

But these are not all my wishes and values my work involves. Every wedding is once again incomparable and specific - like every bridal couple.

That is why you will notice the importance I put on expectation and empathise with the couples' wishes and needs. A personal, relaxed atmosphere between them and me is an important objective - "stress" is a foreign word for my couples.
Together with my team, that is formed of experienced, reliable and professional partners, I organise dream weddings on the beach, on boats and even in holiday resorts.
If you decide on getting married here, I will assist you with sensitivity and a humorous touch. My innovative ideas, my talent for organisation and the feelings I cherish for this island will make your wedding become a dream day.
Our wedding will be the most amazing and unforgettable day aswell!
Put your wishes and dreams into my hands and be guest at your own wedding. Enjoy every minute and every second on an endless white beach here in Fuerteventura.

Contact me and say "Yes!".
I´m looking forward to hear from you very soon!

Say "YES !" to your Wedding at the beach in Fuerteventura !